Daily Visits / Dog Walking

Daily Visits / Dog Walking – Start @ $16.00 per visit
We will come to your home for check-in visits with your pets while you’re away. Visits are 20-40 minutes (unless you have multiple pets that require more time) and will include walking in your neighborhood, playing, feeding and watering, scooping poop, administering meds and vitamins and lots of hugs.

Daily visits will be approximately the same time each day, and twice daily visits will be between 11 and 13 hours apart. Some pets require more than twice daily service, which we are happy to provide. The length of each visit depends mainly on your pet’s needs for play and socializing.

Also basic home care will be provided including: watering outdoor and indoor plants; brining in mail and newspapers; garbage needs; feeding fish; filling bird feeder; altering lights and other security measures as desired. Monthly and weekly rates are available. Midday dog walks generally take place between 11 AM – 3 PM.